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The Vibe full-featured team collaboration solution enables your workforce to engage effectively whenever and wherever the need to collaborate arises – out of pure business process flow or as part of your organization’s agile methodology practice. JPVTC approaches team collaboration as a facilitator not as an application unto itself. The goal is to work alongside other applications that are already in use not to replace them. The Vibe video conferencing makes on-line collaboration easy. It is good for companies and enterprises with employees and business partners who need to collaborate in a highly effective manner remotely and across more than one location.

In addition to H.323/SIP-based huddle or conference room system operability, customizable control of video tiles, guest access via WebRTC and concurrent desktop sharing, Vibe differentiates through several patent-pending features such as:

Embedded Softphone – to make/take/merge calls to/from SIP conference endpoints even while in meetings.

App Tabs – to ensure the right web-based business process apps are available in the right meeting. No more searching through browser tabs.

Meeting Privacy – to minimize interrupts and keep privacy through a door locking/knocking paradigm.

Universal Multimedia Player – to stream HD-quality video or audio files directly into a meeting through a separate video tile.

The Vibe has two modes of engagement: Virtual Meeting and Virtual Workplace. In both modes, users have one-click access to voice, video, conferencing, chat and screen sharing.

Virtual Meeting Mode


Easy to invoke or exit application.  In Meeting mode users can easily join an online meeting and when the meeting is finished they can exit the application.  This is the mode of operation of the typical video conferencing tool in the market.


Content sharing.  Each user can freely share their images, videos or documents on their PC with other meeting participants.  Users can view the shared contents while seeing and listening to the individual.

Simultaneous live broadcast.  Users can also share live broadcast from external video-camera(s) attached to their PC while they can keep their video and audio active in the on-line meeting at the same time.

Inheriting to scientists’ great spirit of exploring and  outstanding IT architecture, we are devoted to inaugurate a new era of  shared virtual workplace mode.


JPVTC co-founders: Joanna & James

Virtual Workplace Mode


In Team mode, Vibe takes a decidedly different approach. When team members sign into Vibe they enter into a complete virtual workspace. This platform acts as an always-on team enablement tool that allows individual team members to choose the way they want to collaborate. 

The team approach to communications fosters real-time engagement with the rest of the user’s community. Vibe puts all team members in the same “room” empowering users to collaborate naturally throughout their workday to discuss issues as they arise, resolve problems quickly, make decisions faster, and engage more effectively

The Vibe is a free app but requires a paid subscription. The subscription service is offered by JPVTC, you may contact JPVTC for details.

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