Recent Hot Topics

All kinds of banking business and product innovation

  • Small and medium-sized enterprise customer financial consultation, collective financial management and other comprehensive financial services

  • Experience sharing of regional management of outlets

  • SME credit business and comprehensive product portfolio

  • Consumer credit business and comprehensive product portfolio

  • High end personal customer wealth management and product portfolio

  • SME customer financial management and bank related products

  • Exchange rate market analysis and introduction of key foreign exchange products

  • Global asset allocation and Portfolio Management

  • Capital market and investment banking

  • Fixed income product design and pricing

  • Hong Kong real estate market development and mortgage business

Marketing & Leadership / Management

  • Digital marketing strategy and new media application of commercial banks

  • Customer relationship management in the digital age

  • Leadership skills and team building in change

  • Compliance sales and customer communication skills

  • Excellent leadership and high performance team building

  • High end customer demand mining and relationship management deepening

  • Improve employees' ability to cope with adversity and stress relief skills

  • Case study on how to strengthen leadership and improve team performance

  • Comparative analysis and cases of service culture concept and customer service characteristics of Hongkong banks

  • Key customer relationship management and consultative selling skills

Banking Risk Management

  • Internal control and crisis management

  • Risk management of fixed income products

  • The latest practice of international advanced risk management

  • Risk preference and comprehensive risk report of large international institutions

  • Group customer financial analysis / risk analysis and Prevention

 Macro Economic Situation and Business Trend 

  • Recent macroeconomic analysis and asset allocation strategy

  • An analysis of the policy effects of RMB internationalization and exchange rate reform

  • RMB offshore center and opportunities for cross-border business

  • Global market analysis and investment strategy

  • The latest development of offshore RMB center and insurance business opportunities